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Disease Gene Mutation Profiling Unit
Disease Gene Mutation Profiling Unit

Infrastructures Involved

Disease Gene Mutation Profiling Unit

Genotyping and cancer gene mutation detection is performed by the high throughput benchtop Mass ARRAY platform ( ). The system is based on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, a non-fluorescent detection platform utilizing mass spectrometry to accurately measure highly multiplexed PCR-derived amplicons within a working day.The system works with standard 96-well plates and is unique in Greece. It combines mass spectrometry, sensitive and robust chemistry, and advanced data analysis software providing accurate analysis of clinically relevant mutations in a single workflow. Applications may include tumor profiling, hereditary genetic and pharmacogenetic testing.

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Nicholas Moshonas

Nicholas Moshonas

Dept. of General Biology
Molecular Genetics Unit
Medical School
University of Patras
University Campus, Rio, Patras
Tel: 2610-997602