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Evaluation of drugs or other therapeutics for infectious diseases
Evaluation of drugs or other therapeutics for infectious diseases


Evaluation of Drugs or other Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases

The HPI offers in the context of EATRIS-GR the following services for evaluation of novel therapeutics for infectious diseases.

1) Drug development for treatment of Flavivirouses
 The Laboratory offer, preclinical drug evaluation in flavivirus infection models within the framework of collaborative projects and service contracts. It complies with EU regulations regarding biohazard material handling and disposal, and uniquely skilled personnel. The anti-viral activity and the cytotoxicity of small molecules and other types of potential therapeutics are evaluated in human mammalian cell culture systems that are based on complete genome or subgenomic sequences of DENV, YFV and ZIKV flaviviruses co-expressing reporter molecules. Infections are carried out in biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) facilities where BLS-3 work practices are applied. Drug efficacy and safety is determined by using chemiluminescent and bioluminescent reporter assays and the Taqman qPCR array technology integrated in the Facility.

2) Drug development for treatment of leismaniasis
The Laboratory supports development of new generation anti-leishmanial drugs by building successful scientific collaborations with regional research platforms and consortia from academic entities and pharmaceutical biotechnology companies.  Optimized assays for testing drug anti-leishmanial activity are performed in biosafety level 2 facilities. The in vitro anti-leishmanial activity is tested with fluorensce-based cell assay on: (a) early stationary phase promastigotes and (b) on intracellular amastigotes grown in Leishmania-infected macrophage cultures under variable atmospheric conditions. The anti-leishmanial effect on amastigotes is co-evaluated by measuring reactive oxygen


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Eleni Dotsika

Eleni Dotsika

Hellenic Pasteur Institute
Laboratory of Cellular Immunology & National Reference Laboratory for Leishmaniasis
Department of Microbiology
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