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Experimental Surgery Unit
Experimental Surgery Unit

Infrastructures Involved

Experimental Surgery Unit


The Experimental Surgery Unit has the entire necessary infrastructure to support different kind of surgical procedures performed under strict aseptic conditions, using the proper anesthetic and analgesic protocols. Four state-of-the-art surgical suites are fully equipped with the instrumentation for hemodynamic and orthopedic studies as well as to support different kinds of surgical operations to be performed in different kind of animal models such as mice, rats, rabbit, or swine. Two Intensive Care Units are also available to provide the necessary post-surgical care to animals undergoing surgical procedures. Monitoring and support of their vital functions is available under continuous veterinary supervision and very well experienced laboratory animal technologists. The facility has long experience on preclinical testing of medical equipment, especially on equipment used for hepatectomy as well as the development of different kind of intra-arterial stents.  The Experimental Surgery Unit is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Since November 2004, the Unit has also significant educational activities to show; more than 90 educational courses on different topics of Biomedical Sciences have been taught and over 4,500 participants have been trained.

Major equipment available for research purposes are:

    1. C-arm fluoroscopy (Philips)
    2. Pressure-Volume conductance system for rats and mice (ADInstruments)
    3. Flow meter with perivascular flow probes (1-24mm) (Transonic)
    4. Tip manometer pressure transducer catheters (1-6F) (Millar)
    5. Acquisition system and analysis software (ADInstruments)
    6. Sonomicrometry system (Sonometrics)
    7. Endoscopy system (Olympus)
    8. ECG and temperature telemetry system for rats and mice (DSI)


Partner Institute

Contact Person

Nikolaos G. Kostomitsopoulos

Nikolaos G. Kostomitsopoulos

Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens
Centre for Clinical, Experimental Surgery & Translational Research
Tel: +30 210 6597 023