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Metabolomics Facility
Metabolomics Facility

Infrastructures Involved

Metabolomics Facility

The mass spectrometry based metabolomics and fluxomics facility, part of the Metabolic Engineering & Systems Biology Laboratory, at FORTH/ICE-HT was founded in 2004 as the first metabolomics facility in South-Eastern Europe. The group has had a substantial contribution in the standardization of untargeted GC_MS based metabolomics and the mathematical modeling of metabolic networks.  It is a member of the European Consortium “Expert Center for Metabolomics” – EXCEMET ( founded in 2015 to be connected with BBMRI-ERIC; member of the ELIXIR Metabolomics Community (PI leads the implementation study on fluxomics). The laboratory is equipped with 1 GC-(ion trap) MS (Saturn 2200 Bruker/Agilent, formerly Varian), 1 GC-triple quad MS (7000D Agilent) and 1LC-MS (Thermo/Finnigan LCQ).

FORTH/ICE-HT in the context of its expertise offers also Computation drug repurposing services based on biomolecular network analyses, focusing on protein and metabolic network reconstruction and modeling. The research teams have developed the protein interaction meta-database PICKLE (, which enables the consistent integration of genomic data at various levels of genetic information (genes, RNA, proteins). Metabolic flux analysis can provide information about metabolic activity dynamics and help identify potential drug targets.

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Partner Institute

Contact Person

Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas

Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas

Maria I. Klapa
Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas
Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes (FORTH-ICEHT)
Metabolic Engineering & Systems Biology Laboratory
Patra, Greece.
Tel: +30-2610965249
(Metabolomics/fluxomics, Drug repurposing).