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Hellenic Translational Research Infrastructure Partners

The structure of the National Distributed Infrastructure EATRIS-GR will establish to provide services focusing specifically on preclinical and early-phase-clinical development of drugs, therapeutics and biomedical devices is depicted in the figure above which illustrates the part of EATRIS-ERIC pipeline that will be addressed by EATRIS-GR, the preclinical and early-phase-clinical services EATRIS-GR will make available to academic and/or industrial users, the existing facilities offered by the individual EATRIS-GR partners to support the outlined services, and the partner institutions providing the relevant facilities. The multidisciplinary nature of translational research is illustrated by indicating the overlapping infrastructures required for supporting a Phase-I Clinical Trial (red arrows) and a Preclinical in vivo evaluation of a drug/therapeutic (blue arrows). The strong complementarity of EATRIS-GR with other Research Infrastructures and the potential for strong synergies (such as the expansion of activities into the Phase IIa Clinical Trial area in cooperation with PMed-GR) is illustrated at the top section of the figure. EATRIS-GR complements and synergizes with other RIs such as INSTRUCT, BIOIMAGING, ELIXIR and BBMRI that are not shown in the scheme since they support the entire development pipeline. *PK Data Analysis refers to “Determination of pharmacokinetic parameters/clinical end points and statistical evaluation of data obtained from Preclinical and Early-Clinical Trials.


Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens


Hellenic Pasteur Institute


National Hellenic Research Foundation


University of Patras


Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas – Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences


Foundation for Research Technology Hellas – Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


Democritus University of Thrace