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Phenotypic Characterization of Cell Population with Mass Cytometry
Phenotypic Characterization of Cell Population with Mass Cytometry


Phenotypic Characterization of Cell Population with Mass Cytometry

The BRFAA Mass Cytometry lab offers a full service from consultation on experiment design and precautions to ensure sample and data quality to sample acquisition and analysis.

The following services are provided to Academia and Industry:

  • Panel design and sample preparation. This service includes the design of multiparametric experiments to combine different antibodies conjugated with elemental isotopes.   This is to ensure minimal signal cross-contamination between different detection channels and is an essential part of the experimental design prior to data acquisition. We also provide advice on best sample preparation practices to ensure the production of quality, reliable data.
  • Data acquisition. This service includes staining of samples with the desired antibody-marker panel and acquiring samples in our Helios instrument to deliver normalized fcs files (flow cytometry standard) for analysis
  • Data analysis. We can provide full analysis of acquired data including any relevant statistical analysis to the acquired cytometric data. We utilize various analysis platforms such as Pathsetter, Cytobank, Flowjo as well algorithms embedded in R programming environment.
  • Support with conventional Flow cytometry. Together with BRFAA’s cell sorting and flow cytometry facility (equipped with cytometers such as the BD FACS AriaIII, BD Celesta and Attune) we can provide assistance with conventional flow cytometry experiments to titrate or validate antibody specificities to support mass cytometry experiments.
  • Training of young scientists and researchers on designing and analyzing mass cytometry experiments as well as conventional cytometry data.

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Nikolaos Paschalidis

Nikolaos Paschalidis

Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens
Centre for Clinical, Experimental Surgery & Translational Research
Soranou Efesiou 4
11527 Athens
Tel: +30 210 6597 628

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